Super Durable Surface

Today architects, designers, and contractors have many options when it comes to choosing a flooring surface. Application, budget, overall durability and aesthetics play important roles in the selection and specification of the right material for the job. 

Decofloor Color Flooring System is specifically engineering for the toughest jobs. Superior durability, economical cost and anti microbial and mildew properties make Decofloor perfect for institutional, industrial and commercial facilities where a large volume of foot traffic, vehicles, or moisture place high demands on the surface. 

A decorative aliphatic polyurethane system, Decofloor provides a chemical resistant, easy to clean surface that looks great and performs well even under the most demanding day to day activities. 


Green & LEED Friendly

Decofloor is on the forefront of the green building trend. It uses polyurethane technology formulated with 100% solids. Its coating system contains no solvents [VOCs], making it VOC compliant in all 50 states. In addition, over 35% of the polymer coating system uses an advanced formula that includes a new state-of-the-art renewable raw material as opposed to standard petroleum based products. 

The durable, low-odor, zero VOC, Decofloor System is an environmentally preferred product that exceeds GS-11 criteria for coatings in LEED certified buildings. That's good news when building or remodeling "green" and working toward any level of LEED certification. Check with the United States Green Building Council [USGB] for potential LEED credits and categories on your specific application.


Color Options

Decofloor Color Flooring System is available in a broad range of color combinations that complement a variety of color schemes and applications. Select from multiple palettes of color combinations for:

  • Decofloor Color Broadcast System
  • Decofloor Quartz Broadcast System
  • Decofloor Color Plus Flooring System

Because of our design flexibility and custom capabilities, new colors are constantly being created. To see our full range of up-to-date, available colors please click here